Property management
From basic management to managing the overall added value, Néogère brings you customised property asset management in accordance with your working guidelines.

Pre-asset management
In order to facilitate the property owner's reflection and decision making process, Néogère carry out under mandate extensive technical analyses of the building. These analyses allow to identify and establish a hierarchy for the lines of action essential to optimise the managed property's future.

Facility management
The mandate, entrusted by you to Néogère, to manage the everyday activities concerning your buildings has a vocation to bring comfort and tranquillity of mind to the users of your property. This is the reason why we have intimate knowledge of each property under mandate. We carry out a number of weekly reviews, such as the technical monitoring of communal parts of certain buildings to set in motion any necessary maintenance.

Assistance with Project Management
We can assist you during the renovation or construction of service sector buildings, industrial or commercial, develop or restructure a commercial centre, follow up the project closely and establish a report on the state of progress, sign off on finished work, for and in the place of the owner: Néogère co-pilots and advises you precisely of the actions taken.

Assistance with the Commercial Strategy
On the basis of the physical, technical and financial reality of your real estate, Néogère carries out an audit which will serve as the basis for a genuine proposition of property management. The advice of Néogère is formulated to contribute to a pertinent management of your real estate.