Néogère meets the challenge of providing optimal management of your assets and is able to share in your reflection and be a source of proposals at your side thanks to its multi-skilled team and a powerful IT system. Our ISO 9001 certification keeps up to date all processes and objectives of a discerning and effective management of the assets under mandate.

As Néogère is synonymous with transparency and efficiency, each year an audit of Néogère's third party accounts is undertaken by an independent auditor. This audit ensures the maximum security of our procedures.

With Néogère's "personalised follow-up", all of the administrative and year-by-year accounting records of your properties are at your disposition. Leases, keeping the accounts, registers of events, plans, photos, management reports, … you have permanent access to the everyday management of your real estate according to your needs.

You benefit from: full information, quick and easy decisions and arbitrations to be given, transparency, traceability of information and events.


  • Independent Company
  • Audit of third party accounts
  • Reporting adapted to your ways of working
  • Consultation of your accounts via Internet (currently in process)
  • Technical monitoring weekly review
  • Legal monitoring including ICPE* requirements (see below)
  • Individual Customised Management
  • ISO certification

* ICPE = Installations Classées pour la Protection de l'Environnement
This is the French equivalent to licences, authorisations or permits, for example giving the right to use or warehouse potentially dangerous products.